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Why active monitoring enables you to be more successful

Every system or service failure costs money as well as precious time. It damages your reputation, blocks workflows and binds ressources. An active monitoring and gap-less monitoring enables you to not only react in timely manor but helps to detect anamolies upfront even before they become problems. By monitoring your IT infrastructure you lay the groundwork for capacity planning and proper qualtity of service while avoiding manual intervention.

Modern monitoring can be done on various levels. Servers, computers, network infrastructure, services and even proper dataflow through application stacks can be monitored.

By having various notification channels and levels of escalation you assure to always contact the right person.

Use cases

  • You are notified that your webpresence is unreachable, before customers stumble upon it
  • The proper technical contact is notified once hardware components reach their limits, but before the whole system collapses.
  • Ihr EAN Code Drucker in der Produktionsstra├če alarmiert einen Techniker bevor das Farbband leer ist und die gesamte Produktion lahmlegt.
  • The monitoring notifies you about an incomplete backup, so that you can assure a proper backup is run again.
  • You're notified of pending security updates.

There is hardly anything that ca not be monitored. Ask us for a indiviual analysis.

Services we offer

  • Analysis and consultency
  • Installation and introduction to the software used
  • Remote or on-site workshops
  • Analysis of existing monitoring installations
  • Development of custom monitoring plugins and checks
  • 24x7 on call services
  • MaaS: Monitoring as a service

An ecosystem built around monitoring

Aside from plain availability monitoring there are plenty ways to gather more intel from monitoring your systems.

  • collectd: collect all your performance metrics
  • graphite/grafana: visualization of system- and performance metrics
  • elk stack: (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
    Collecting, visualization and search through log data

The combination of these tools enables you to provide greater insights into past incidents as well as the possibility to detect certain trends and act accordingly.