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IDB - bytemine infrastructure database

  • Which servers are still running Ubuntu 12.04?
  • Which servers and customers are at the datacenter FRA2 and have to be informed about the upcoming power maintenance?
  • Which virtual machines are running on host FOO?
  • Which servers have not been maintained for the longest time?
  • Which IPs on location X in network Y are unused?
  • Which colleague maintained what on server X of customer Y?

These questions are well-known to us, sometimes are even our daily business. What about you?

The IDB - bytemine infrastructure database - aggregates information from various systems, providing a central point of view on these information and by that being the first place to go.
Because of ist central concept of adapters the IDB fits very well into homogeneous as well as heterogeneous environments. Originally developed as an internal tool to improve maintenance and documentation of our hosting and our customers infrastructure the IDB is designed to be flexible and adaptable.
The IDB can be "fed" by various adapters in order to aggregate information as discretely as possible, so that the resulting documentation is as up-to-date as possible and not outdated at the moment it was written.


  • REST-API to connect to own systems
  • Modul to manage inventory and assets
  • Location management including documentation of power feeds
  • Broker-API to connect to systems in isolated network areas
  • Service-Shell for Linux systems to record and report maintenance work
  • Available on Redhat/CentOS and Ubuntu/Debian based distributions
  • Ruby on Rails based
  • Open source using AGPLv3 license: IDB at GitHub


Following adapters are available:

  • Puppetlabs PuppetDB (v3 and v4)
  • KVM / libvirt
  • VMWare vCenter / vSphere
  • Bacula community edition
  • Univention Corporate Server
  • Microsoft Active Directory Services
  • Icinga1 config adapter


Sources for the IDB

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IDB architecture

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