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Miniaturwunderland Hamburg

A success story

The Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg is (right after castle Neuschwanstein) the most visited tourist attraction in Germany and a customer of bytemine since 2006.

First contact - an emergency situation

We got in contact by a recommendation and because of an emergeny scenario: The IT manager was faced with big problems at their webservers. They were crashing every 10 minutes, requiring immediate help. After receiving the IP addresses and credentials bytemine fixed the problems within 30 minutes, and build the base for this long-lasting liaison.

In the following years the Miniatur Wunderland expanded and currently runs one of the largest Typo3 installations in Germany. And bytemine is still called if smaller or larger problems occur, but not limited to the webservers: The Miniatur Wunderland was one of our first customers using the bytemine openbsd appliance as their firewall. Combining reliable hardware, secure operating system and flexible VPN technology puts a smile on the face of Frederick Braun - co-founder and CEO of the Miniatur Wunderland - everyday.
Stephan Hertz, also a CEO, sums up the coorperation with bytemine in his blog: "Linux expertise all along the line."

Zarafa migration

After deploying the bytemine openbsd appliance the migration to Zarafa as the new groupware had been the next bigger project, and bytemine did a great job here as well.

Dag Adomeit, IT manager at Miniatur Wunderland, enjoys working with the bytemine team. Not only, but also because transparency and dedication go without saying at bytemine, and transferring knowledge to the customer is part of our understanding of responsible acting.

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