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Alpha Industrial

Private cloud environment and IT support

From the beginning of 2014 bytemine provides a private environment for our customer Alpha Industrial.

Alpha Industrial is an experienced company providing development, realization, purchasing and managment of trading, logistics and service properties. Their portfolio includes the conception of modern industry and logistic parcs, as well as building and buying storages and distribution centers. Also user- and usage-oriented support services is one of their key competences to maintain or even increase the value of properties.

They were in search of a service provider offering the full-service for their IT infrastructure. One of their goals was to consolidate most of the IT systems into a data center, keeping only a VPN router and a replicated server within the office.

During take-over from the former service provider and hoster the concept of migration was created. 750GB had to be transferred with minimal downtime. At the same time the workstations were re-joined into the new domain.

At the datacenter location in Zurich (ZRH) bytemine implemented a fully replicated setup with DRBD and the cloud management integrated in Univention Corporate Server.

The migration and switch to the new platform at bytemine went flawlessly and without any downtime noticeable by the customer. Since then IT is not a major issue for Alpha Industrial anymore, and when it comes to problems or questions they know that the bytemine support team takes care immediately.